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Nevada Wildlife Federation

August 5, 2019


Back in May the NV Legislature passed AB117 which requires the NV Gaming Control Board to update and modify Regulation 4A.

This regulation relates to charitable games and lottery drawings which will impact groups like LVWW that hold banquets and raffle off prizes.  It will also impact things like the Silver State Tag drawings by NDOW and even fundraising opportunities for youth sports groups and little league teams etc.  Any group that holds a raffle or lottery to raise funds.

What is being discussed?

Section 4A.040 Mandatory Requirements:  

NO ONE under the age of 21 can collect winnings.  A kid can’t win.

NO ONE under the age of 18 can enter or purchase a tickets.  A kid can’t buy a ticket

All prizes MUST be given out, if not all tickets must be refunded.

Section 4A020 Fees: Scope of Charitable Lottery or Charitable Game:

Each application (game) must pay a nonrefundable application fee to the Gaming Control Board in the amount of $25/day.  Basically saying if you are selling tickets prior to the drawing you must pay $25/day until the drawing takes place.  That fee is $200/day if you are a professional sports organization.

Section 4A030 Application:

The Board requires the “organization shall provide to the Chair documentation of the prize value; such as an invoice, receipt, or bill of sale for any single non-cash prize exceeding $1000.00.”    Why?

Reg. 4A Draft Language 8/15/19


I don’t know the reasoning behind this effort but it has some far reaching impacts to charitable groups trying to raise funds for great causes be in wildlife, little league, or cancer research.   
There is a hearing to discuss the amendments on Sept 26  10:00am at the Grant Sawyer Building.  room 2450   555 E Washington Ave  

The Nevada Wildlife Federation (NvWF) is the oldest statewide conservation organization dedicated to sustaining Nevada’s natural resources for wildlife through conservation, preservation, and education.

Nevada Wildlife Federation, Inc. (NvWF) officers and workers are all volunteers and are not paid for their service to the organization or for the time spent on projects. Funds raised by the NvWF are used to purchase materials for field projects, for contributions to government agencies such as the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), and for specific purposes such as wildlife research and habitat improvements. The NvWF also makes donations to, or pools resources with, other non-profit organizations for state approved wildlife management projects in Nevada. A quarterly newsletter and other normal operating costs make up the remainder of the organization’s expenses.